Transgender and intersex information.

Find all kinds of information for transgender and intersex people, and supporters.

new developments in transgender healthcare

Health information

  • Gender affirming healthcare services.
  • Information for patients and providers.
  • Vocal training.
  • Binders and tape.
  • Surgeries.
  • Hair removal.
  • Healthcare navigation.


Identity documents

  • NZ birth certificate.
  • Overseas birth certificate.
  • NZ driver license.
  • NZ passport.
  • NZ driver license.
  • NZQA.


Learn about trans and intersex

  • Understanding trans and intersex.
  • Being an ally.
  • Takatāpui resources.
  • Transgender resources.
  • Intersex resources.

Employment & work

  • Resources for transgender employees.
  • Resources for employers.
  • Legislation.
  • Workplace guidelines.
  • Evaluate your workplace.
new developments in transgender healthcare

Sex & relationships

  • Healthier relationships.
  • Safer sex.
  • Communication.
  • Your relationship with yourself.
  • Sexual violence prevention.
group of diverse people

Human rights & discrimination

  • Research reports.
  • Legislation.
  • Resources.
  • Links.

Refugee & asylum seeker

  • Advocacy support.
  • Resources.
  • Organisations that help.

Youth and whanāu

  • Resources for parents.
  • How to be an ally.
  • Communication.
  • Support groups for parents.
  • Whanāu resources.

Study & school

  • Supporting students.
  • Gender-inclusive schooling.
  • Your rights at school.
  • Gender-inclusive bathrooms.
Photo of sports equipment.


  • Transgender people and community sports.
  • Transgender women in elite sports.
  • Guidelines.
  • Research.
  • Resources.
group of diverse people


Learn about:

  • Organising community events.
  • Engaging mainstream media.
  • Making submissions on laws.
  • Protesting.
group of diverse people


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Other research

Research reports that didn’t fit within another category.

Other information

Information and resources that didn’t fit within another category.

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RVPN presents: preventing family violence against rainbow people

RVPN presents: preventing family violence against rainbow people

Rainbow Violence Prevention Network (RVPN) invites you to a conversational Q & A panel discussion. The topic is 'preventing family violence against rainbow people in Aotearoa'. RVPN is at the forefront of researching, responding to, and preventing family violence...

Disinformation and the far right – transgressive transitions

Disinformation and the far right – transgressive transitions

A research report from The Disinformation Project has documented the merging of disinformation communities in Aotearoa, and shift from Covid 19 to transgender hate. The report, 'Transgressive transitions', documents the merging of conspiracy theorist communities which...

Online harassment: doxing

Online harassment: doxing

For many years now, a common tactic of anti-transgender campaigners has been doxing (sometimes spelled doxxing). What doxing means 'Dox' means 'documents', and refers to a person's private information; such as: Private photos. Home address. Contact details...

Judicial Review news

Judicial Review news

26 April, 2023 Gender Minorities Aotearoa, InsideOUT Kōaro, and Auckland Pride have together decided not to continue the Judicial Review against the Minister of Immigration for his decision to allow Posie Parker (Kellie Keen-Minshull) into Aotearoa. While we continue...

Website update

Website update

PDF displays Hi everyone, we're updating our website at the moment, and our new software has caused some problems with the display of posts and pages that contain embedded PDFs. These pages probably look normal on a phone screen, as they're usually just displayed as a...