Free Legal Advice at The Gender Centre

Wellington Transgender Legal Clinic(1).png

[image: a statue of lady justice wearing a blindfold and holding scales. The background is blue and blurry with pink lights. At the bottom right of the poster is the Community Law logo, which says Community Law, free legal help, Wellington and Hutt Valley. At the bottom left is the Gender Minorities Aotearoa logo, which says Gender Minorities Aotearoa, takataapui, transgender, and intersex NZ.

text: Wellington Transgender Legal Clinic.

Gender Minorities Aotearoa has a free legal clinic every second Thursday from 1pm till 2pm at The Gender Centre in Wellington. Our lawyer can assist you with, for example, human rights, employment, custody and family issues, or if you are in trouble with the criminal justice system.

We also have peer support workers who can support you in many different ways, including with common legal issues such as name change, gender marker change, and more. Contact us any time on]

Big thanks to Community Law Wellington and Hutt Valley.

Download this poster to print and distribute by clicking here.