Find out about our sharing permissions.

It’s fantastic that you’ve found our resources useful, and want to share them with others. This page contains information on sharing permissions.

An elderly Maori trans woman wearing a head scarf and smiling.


You can print and distribute our resources, so long as you don’t edit them.

You can distribute our resources as part of your paid work, but you cannot sell them.

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You are welcome to share a picture of the cover of any of our resources, and link to the resource on the Gender Minorities Aotearoa website, or link to our official courses.

Please do not upload our resources to any other websites, blogs, learning management systems, or social media sites.

A transgender woman using a wheelchair and looking thoughtful.


Most of our resources contain a citation, which includes our name, the year they were published, and where they were published.

If you want to cite our materials and no citation is available, use Gender Minorities Aotearoa, New Zealand.

If you are using our materials in your paid job, you may also wish to view our Terms of Use, which apply to our resources broadly.

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