The national transgender housing support service.

How we can assist you

We run the national transgender housing support service. This includes information and support with accessing emergency housing, transitional housing, social housing, and shared private housing (via our national LGBTQI+ Rainbow Housing NZ network, online.)

We do not have houses which we can provide.

If you are transgender and you need support with housing, you can contact us to discuss your situation and how we can support you.

Types of accommodation

On a basic level, there are several types of housing. These include:

  • Emergency temporary housing – e.g. a night shelter, or Women’s Refuge.
  • Transitional housing – this is usually temporary housing that includes support to find long-term housing from a social worker or other services.
  • Shared private housing – like a room in a flat.
  • A rental house on your own.
  • Social housing – this is like a rental on your own, but it’s owned by a Council or Government. It’s job is essentially to provide housing to people who are often discriminated against or vulnerable. There is usually criteria for who can get one, and a long waiting list, but once you get one you can usually stay in it for a long time. Often the cost of rent is either based on your income, or it’s low cost.

Rainbow Housing NZ and other links

Emergency & transitional

Rainbow Housing NZ – it’s OK to ask for a place to couch surf. This is often the fastest way to find a place if you have nowhere to stay tonight.

Night shelters and boarding houses – there are night shelters and boarding houses in many regions, though they are usually mens or womens shelters. Sometimes WINZ can pay for the first week of rent.

Womens’ Refuge – these offer emergency accommodation to trans women, if they meet the criteria (e.g. if they are fleeing from family/partner violence). 

Transitional housing – there are different providers in some regions, for example Tuatahi.

Shared private

Rainbow Housing NZ – most people in Rainbow Housing NZ network are advertising a room to rent.

TradeMe – flatmates wanted section.

Own rental

Rainbow Housing NZ – sometimes houses are offered to rent here.

TradeMe – residential property to let section.

Newspapers – in the classified section under ‘to let’.

Property management agencies – different ones in each region.

Social housing

Kainga ora (Housing NZ houses) – Once you’re approved you will be entitled to Kainga ora housing at any point in your life. They can be pet-friendly. The rent is based on your income. However these is often a waiting time of a year or longer. You need to apply through WINZ.

Social housing programmes – these are offered by the central Government, the rent is usually based on your income. Accessed through WINZ.

Council housing – some councils offer social housing. These are separate from central government housing, and are often low cost but not based on your income. Usually but not always accessed through WINZ.

Contact us for housing support

You can talk with our peer support team about your needs, and we can give you details about the different kinds of housing, and which ones are available in your region. We can also talk with you about criteria you’ll need to meet, how to apply, and assist you with filling application forms.