Transgender health directory

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Aotearoa New Zealand’s transgender health directory.

Gender affirming healthcare services

For patients:

  • NZ trans health services database
  • Regional health services
  • Information
  • Recommend your provider

For providers:

  • Information for clinicians
  • 3D Health Pathways
  • Register on the NZ trans health services database

Vocal therapy

  • How public referrals work
  • Self-funded information
  • WINZ support
  • Resources for voice modification

Binders and chest tape

  • How to bind safely
  • Buy a binder or tape


  • Publicly funded GRS
  • Other publicly funded surgeries
  • Self-funded surgeries
  • Considerations

Hair and hair removal

  • Free transgender IPL club
  • Hair removal clinics
  • WINZ funding for hair removal
  • WINZ funding for hair

Health reports and information

  • Key resources
  • Gender affirming hormone treatment
  • Clinical frameworks and recommendations
  • Surgical
  • Sexual health and pregnancy
  • HIV
  • Other reports and resources
  • Professional development for health services
  • Waiting room posters for health services

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