What we do

Gender Minorities Aotearoa is a nationwide transgender organisation in Aotearoa New Zealand. It is run by and for transgender people, including non-binary, intersex, and takataapui gender diverse people.

GMA offers information, advocacy, and wrap around support for transgender people of all ages, ethnicities, and backgrounds.

We operate within the kaupapa Maori public health framework Te Pae Mahutonga, and The Ottawa Charter (1986). Our focus is peer led health and well-being. We aim to facilitate health and well-being for transgender populations, as defined by The World Health Organisation – complete physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and social well-being.

The vision of Gender Minorities Aotearoa is for all transgender people to be empowered by a full range of choices across all aspects of their lives, and to be able to participate fully in society.

Te Pae Mahutonga – a kaupapa Maori Approach

GMA - Kaupapa Maori


Whether it’s our database, by email or phone, or at our community drop in centre, we can assist with:

» Identity documents
» Trans-friendly doctors or other healthcare providers
» Surgery information and referrals
» Community support and connection
» Facial hair removal
» Binders
» General information
» Legal advice

We also work with whanau, partners, parents, community groups, organisations, businesses, and service providers.

National Free Binder Program

The National Free Binder Programme is designed to support people in Aotearoa who need a binder and can’t afford to purchase one. We have also developed safety info together with physiotherapists at PhysioSpot. There is also a purchase if folks want to purchase a binder from the NZ based seamstress direct.

Free facial hair removal ipl club

Gender Minorities Aotearoa runs a free IPL facial hair removal club at our drop in centre in Wellington. There is also info linked on this page for those in other areas to access WINZ support if they are eligible.

Online Support Nationwide

We run the national all ages online infoshare and support forum Transgender & Intersex NZ – the largest peer-to-peer trans forum in NZ. T&INZ is open to all sex characteristic diverse and gender minority people, as well as supportive others in Aotearoa NZ. We are also available on genderminorities@gmail.com for one to one support.

an illustration of 10 transgender, takaapui, and intersex people of various ages and ethnicities standing together smiling. In the background is the blue, pink, and white stripes of the transgender flag. In front of them, along the bottom of the image, the words 'Transgender and Intersex NZ'

The Gender Centre Wellington – Community Drop-in

The Gender Centre is our community drop-in in Wellington city, where people can come  for information, resources, peer support, and assistance, to access our local programs such as the free legal clinic, to attend community events, volunteer, and more.

TGC Logo Trans Colours(1)

Supportive Social Environments

We a free monthly sober social event for trans and rainbow people and their friends and whaanau. We find these are much more effective than support groups at facilitating connections and fighting isolation. Further details are in our events calendar and on our blog in the main menu.

Raw Sugar Nov

Community Building

We also run a variety of other social events, which reach out to specific populations of trans people that experience high levels of isolation or social exclusion.

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Aunty Dana’s Op Shop

Aunty Dana’s Op Shop provides an opportunity for takataapui, trans, and intersex people – as well as supportive others – to volunteer, gain employment skills and experience, and get a great reference to assist them into paid employment.

Aunty Dana’s Op Shop is our main fundraising activity. All funds raised go toward covering operational costs, program costs, and personnel costs. We hope to be able to set up The Gender Centre and op shops regionally in the near future.

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Wellington Transgender Legal Clinic

We run a free fortnightly legal clinic at The Gender Centre, in collaboration with Community Law. Our lawyer can assist folks with, for example, human rights, employment, custody and family issues, or if they are in trouble with the criminal justice system.

Legal Clinic large notice

Local Evidence-Based Resources

We develop evidence-based resources which are relevant for transgender, takataapui and intersex people in Aotearoa. These are available to download free from our website. They include our glossary, our guide to hormone therapy, and our brochure for clinicians, developed using a co-design processes with medical clinicians and community experts.

GMA’s healthcare resources.

GMA’s general info resources.

GMA’s free posters.

The TEA Project – Temporary Emergency Accommodation

We operated an emergency housing program from 2013 to 2019. As of September 2019, we no longer have a venue for this, though we are working to a long term strategy for addressing housing needs.

Queer Housing NZ – National Rainbow Housing Network

We run the national housing network for trans and rainbow people in NZ, since 2017. Through this, we facilitate trans people into safer housing situations, who would potentially otherwise have become or continued to be homeless or in unsafe housing.

queer housing nz

Research Co-Design

Including In Our Own Words sexual violence research, Counting Ourselves trans and non-binary health research, Rainbow Mental Health Support Services research, Honor Project Aotearoa takataapui health research.

Trans Health Systems

The (2DHB) Sex and Gender Diverse Health Outcomes Working Group, and the formation of PATHA – professional association for transgender health Aotearoa.

Professional Development

We provide workshops, presentations, and seminars on diversity and inclusion, stigma and discrimination, trans-specific population health, and more.

Against Stigma: Changing Social Narratives

We have a range of programmes designed to fight stigma and provide positive social narratives. One example is our transgender diversity posters with trans-positive messaging, which have been all over the country from Whangarei to Invercargill.

Collaboration and Co-Design with Community Orgs and Projects

National Online Database@ genderminorities.com

We have developed the national online database which hosts a wealth of evidence-based information.

In the database you can find:

Evidence Based Information Resources

Local, national, and international information resources including pamphlets, videos, and websites. These cover whanau, employment, study, media, law, relationships, and more.

General information [link]

Medical and Surgical

Medical database [link]

Doctors, endocrinologists, psychologists, and other health care providers, surgeons, surgery information, how to apply for public funding for surgeries. Laser clinics, voice work, other medical needs. Comprehensive information for health care providers, research, and professional development.

Identification Documents

Information and forms to change the name and/or gender marker on one’s birth certificate, passport, drivers licence, and other identity documents.

Identification Documents [link]

Community and Support

Trans-led community groups and trans-friendly support organisations around the country.

Community Support [link]

Other things we do…

There are many things we work on, which aren’t covered by the above descriptions. To see our latest news and updates, please see our blog,.