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Posters, mugs, t-shirts, stickers, cushions, pronoun badges, socks, and more!


Transgender flag t-shirt with the words trans women are women in yellow text.

Check out our awesome range of clothing with trans-positive images and slogans.

A purple apron with frogs printed on it in trans, non binary, and intersex colours.
Socks with intersex flag hearts


A disabled trans woman using a wheelchair with a trans flag background

Explore our range of trans positive accessories.

A sports bag with a trans flag and summer fruit print
A water bottle with a pastel swirl around a tree heart. Text says kia kaha.


Transgender Mug: trans includes non-binary, you are trans enough

Find trans-positive items for your home, workplace, school, and out and about.

Pastel purple cushion with round icon which says TERFs do not soark. Has pink roses and trash bin icon.
Transgender flag clock, with large text that says trans rights are human rights

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