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Gender Minorities Aotearoa

The national transgender organisation.
Four photographs of transgender people.

About us

Gender Minorities Aotearoa is a nationwide transgender organisation. It is run by and for transgender people; including binary and non-binary, intersex, and irawhiti takatāpui.

We support transgender people of all ages, cultures, and backgrounds, and provide one-to-one peer support and information nationwide.

Our vision is for all takatāpui, transgender, and intersex people to be empowered by a full range of choices across all aspects of their lives, and to be able to participate fully in society.


A photo of 6 transgender people on a colourful backgraound.

Peer support, free facial hair removal, housing support, community groups, events, legal clinic, courses, professional development, volunteering, trans-positive merch, and more.


Photo of two transgender people holding a baby.

Information on healthcare, identification documents, trans and intersex 101, study and school, sex and relationships, employment and work, human rights and discrimination, refugee and asylum seeker support, youth and families, other research, and more.


A doctor filling a form.

Find gender affirming healthcare, information for patients and providers, vocal therapy, binders and chest tape, surgeries, hair and hair removal, health reports, and more.

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Survey – transgender people and social services

Survey – transgender people and social services

This anonymous survey is for transgender people who have used a social service, such as a therapist, social worker, or peer support service. We want to hear about how safe, supported, or useful social services are for you. It takes around 20 minutes to complete You...

Supporting trans people in Palestine

Supporting trans people in Palestine

Israel is a settler colony which is carrying out an active genocide in Palestine. It is not antisemitic to stand against the Israeli government committing genocide. Queer and trans Jewish people in Israel experience state violence when they stand up against their...

Transgender glossary update for TAW

It's trans awareness week, and we're releasing a new and improved Trans 101 Glossary, and a simplified version which is perfect to print and hand out at workshops, workplaces, social groups, or anywhere else that you need a simple glossary. You can find these, along...

Conversion Practices Guidance for medical healthcare professionals

Conversion Practices Guidance for medical healthcare professionals

The New Zealand Human Rights Commission (HRC) has published clear guidance about which medical practices will be considered conversion practices. The law says that medical practices are only legal if they are BOTH 1.) according to a medical practitioner's "reasonable...

Ia tangata: Law Commission reviews the Human Rights Act

Ia tangata: Law Commission reviews the Human Rights Act

The NZ Law Commission is examining whether the current wording of the Human Rights Act (1993) adequately protects people who are transgender (including non-binary), and people with innate variations of sex characteristics (including intersex people), and if not, what...

Making Ourselves Visible – report on state care

Making Ourselves Visible – report on state care

Takatāpui, transgender, other rainbow young people are more likely to be involved with Oranga Tamariki, and spend time in the state care system, than the general population. Over the past 2 years, we've worked with a number of rainbow organisations and advocates as...

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