Gender Minorities Aotearoa is a nationwide organisation, which is run by and for transgender people, including non-binary, intersex, and takataapui gender diverse people.

It offers information, advocacy, and wrap around support for transgender people of all ages, ethnicities, and backgrounds. You can find details about our services by clicking here.

We operate within the kaupapa Maori public health framework Te Pae Mahutonga, and The Ottawa Charter international framework. We aim to facilitate health and well-being for transgender populations, as defined by The World Health Organisation,

The vision of Gender Minorities Aotearoa is for all transgender people to be empowered by a full range of choices across all aspects of their lives, and to be able to participate fully in society.

Click here for our Trans Glossary 101: Transgender Words and How to use them

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GMA’s Local Resources

Our healthcare resources

Glossary: Transgender 101 – Gender Minorities Aotearoa (2015, last edition 2018)

Transgender NZ Issue 1. Hormone Replacement Therapy – Gender Minorities Aotearoa, 2018 (PDF Booklet + online version)

A Third Opinion: Takataapui, Trans, and Intersex Healthcare Tips for Clinicians – Gender Minorities Aotearoa (2015)

A guide to accessing the High Cost Treatment Pool – Gender Minorities Aotearoa

Understanding Gender Diversity – Health Navigator NZ, co-design Gender Minorities Aotearoa (2019)

Health Navigator links to regional pathways – Health Navigator NZ, co-design Gender Minorities Aotearoa (2019)

Counting Ourselves national transgender health report Aotearoa NZ (2019)

Supporting Aotearoa’s Rainbow People; a practice guide for mental health professionals – Gloria Fraser, Gender Minorities Aotearoa, InsideOUT, and RainbowYOUTH, (2019)

Our information booklets and guides

Glossary: Transgender 101 – Gender Minorities Aotearoa (3rd edition 2018)

Birth Certificate Sex Marker Change – Gender Minorities Aotearoa (2019)

Trans Community Words, What They Mean and How to Use Them – Gender Minorities Aotearoa (3rd edition 2018)

[Mis}representation of Transgender Women in Films – Gender Minorities Aotearoa (2016)

Relationship Tips for Transgender Folks and the People Who Love Us – Gender Minorities Aotearoa (draft evolving since 2015)

Help! Is My Child Transgender? – Gender Minorities Aotearoa (2016)

Guide to Applying for the Special High Cost Treatment Pool Public Funding – Gender Minorities Aotearoa (2015l, last updated 2019)

Media Advocacy 101 Guide – Gender Minorities Aotearoa (2016)

Transgender Media 101 Guide for NZ Journalists – Gender Minorities Aotearoa (2016)

Our free training videos and presentations

Diversity and Inclusive Primary Healthcare: Trans 101 – Gender Minorities Aotearoa (2017), 13 min Video

What Transgender Health Promoters Want You to Know – Gender Minorities Aotearoa (2019), slideshow Working Groups and Professional Associations we belong to


Our research and research we co-designed

Counting Ourselves national transgender health report Aotearoa NZ, community advisory from Gender Minorities Aotearoa (2019)

Queer and Trans Experiences of Accessing Mental Health Support – Gloria Fraser, Victoria University of Wellington, Gender Minorities Aotearoa, InsideOUT, and RainbowYOUTH, (2019)

In Our Own Words 2017 (trans inclusive sexual violence research)–  Thursdays in Black = New Zealand Union of Student’s Associations, co-design by Gender Minorities Aotearoa (2017)



Gender Neutral Toilet Signs – Gender Minorities Aotearoa (2019)

Binding Safely Poster – Gender Minorities Aotearoa (2017)

Transgender Diversity Posters (set of 8) – Gender Minorities Aotearoa (2018)

Indigenous genders are real – Gender Minorities Aotearoa (2018)

Trans women are women – Gender Minorities Aotearoa (2018)

Trans men are men – Gender Minorities Aotearoa (2018)

They/Them – Gender Minorities Aotearoa (2018)

She/her – Gender Minorities Aotearoa (2018)

Trans people have always existed – Gender Minorities Aotearoa (2018)

Trans is beautiful – Gender Minorities Aotearoa (2018)

Trans people are whaanau – Gender Minorities Aotearoa (2018)

Nau mai haere mai rainbow feathers poster – Gender Minorities Aotearoa, RainbowYOUTH, InsideOUT, Gloria Fraser (2019)

Top Tips for Supporting Rainbow People in Mental Health Settings – Gender Minorities Aotearoa, RainbowYOUTH, InsideOUT, Gloria Fraser (2019)

Is there a way we can better support you? – Gender Minorities Aotearoa, RainbowYOUTH, InsideOUT, Gloria Fraser (2019)

Tell us about your pronouns – Gender Minorities Aotearoa, RainbowYOUTH, InsideOUT, Gloria Fraser (2019)

Professional Associations and Working Groups

Professional Association for Transgender Health Aotearoa (PATHA) – executive committee members x 2, founding signatories x 3, founding votes x 4 (of 80)

Births, Deaths, Marriages, and Relationships Registration (BDMRR) Working Group – The Minister of Internal Affairs

Sex and Gender Diverse Health Outcomes Working Group – Capital and Coast District Health Board

Products to purchase

Transgender Diversity posters – Gender Minorities Aotearoa (2018)

Transgender Diversity t-shirts – Gender Minorities Aotearoa (2019)

Transgender Diversity mugs – Gender Minorities Aotearoa (2019)

‘We Belong’ transgender Flag Bunting (with te pae mahutonga stars) – Gender Minorities Aotearoa (2019)

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Identification & Official Documents

Identification and Official Documents

Click the links below for up to date, step by step information for changing your name and gender marker on your identity documents.

Tip: If you simply want identification with your chosen name and gender marker, the easiest way is to:

1. Change the name on your birth certificate (by statutory declaration)
2. Use the updated birth certificate to get a passport with your chosen name and gender marker (the gender marker on you passport can be changed by statutory declaration – it does not need to match the gender marker on your birth certificate).

This is because changing the gender marker on a birth certificate is a more complicated process through the Family Court. On your passport, you have three options for the gender marker – F, M, or X (unspecified). You cannot have X as the marker on your birth certificate.

Birth Certificate


Drivers Licence



Financial Assistance

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Community Support

Community support in your area

If you are transgender,  intersex, or takataapui gender diverse, and you are looking for a support group  in your area, there are a variety of community led initiatives below. We can’t guarantee the quality of support offered, but we do recommend reaching out.

There are also links to crisis support, and in an emergency you can call 111.

For  therapists, or other health care, please see the main menu.

If you know of a great group that you think should be listed, please drop us a link on

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