We run the national transgender housing support service. This includes support with accessing emergency housing, transitional housing, and council housing. It also includes the national LGBTQI+ Rainbow Housing NZ group online. Our rainbow housing network was established in 2017, and has over 2,800 members in 2021.

If you need support with emergency housing, contact us to discuss your situation and the options available to you in your area.

If you’re looking for a room in an established transgender-friendly home, or if you have a room to offer in yours, visit Rainbow Housing NZ by clicking the image below.

Button: link to Rainbow Housing NZ

Help transgender people find housing

If you would like to help us support transgender people to find safe housing, you can set up an easy monthly donation using the buttons below, or visit our donations page for more options.

Transgender housing and homelessness research

You can find New Zealand based research on transgender people and housing by visiting our research page at the link below.