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We are passionate about delivering high quality
presentations that help to improve your
work environment and service provision.

We are experts in transgender issues, and offer training on topics such as stigma and discrimination, diversity and inclusion, sensitivity, and specific situations. Tailored to your needs.

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We specialise in population health and the social determinants of health; working across a range of healthcare, education, and policy settings. Our professional development workshops, seminars, lectures, presentations, and online courses can cover gender diversity, language, sensitivity, statistics, clinical practice, service provision, supporting transgender students or employees, or other topics. They may have a cost associated, or we may be able to provide them free, depending on your workplace and it’s financial abilities.

Our workshops, seminars, lectures, presentations, and courses are transgender led, both in terms of development and delivery. They are always developed by multiple members of our team, so you get quality content from both transmasculine and transfeminine people, as well as non-binary trans people, from multiple ethnic groups and walks of life.

We don’t just teach diversity, we practice it.

Examples of our work

Free online course ‘Supporting Transgender People’ (2021)

This course is designed to increase your knowledge of issues affecting transgender people in Aotearoa, and to build your confidence in speaking about these issues and supporting transgender people. It is a 101 course and suitable for people with any level of knowledge on transgender issues.

Presentation example from the NZ Sexual Health Society Conference (2019)

Pause on each slide; this is a a 30 minute presentation in 3 minutes.

Presentation Example from the Pharmac Diversity and inclusive primary healthcare conference (2017)

This is an older 10 – 15 minute presentation. We knew what was happening but we had no research statistics.

Your team was fabulous, the way they broke up the session was really engaging, people had been a been a bit bored after all the other presentations, but I saw it – they perked up and were really listening and thinking about how it applied to us in our work. I think we all learned a lot.

Mental Health and Addictions Services Coordinator

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