BDMRR Update

Progress is being made on the BDMRR situation, with a waiver on Department of Internal Affairs fees, and a working group established to advise the Minister on making things better under the current legislation, should the bill not pass into law.

”The group will include representatives of the transgender and intersex community as well as medical and legal experts with experience in transgender issues. Kate Scarlet, a lawyer with substantial expertise in the process for changing registered sex, will chair the group. Other members are Jack Byrne, Mani Mitchell, Georgina Beyer, Jeannie Oliphant, Fleur Fitzsimons and Ahi Wi-Hongi.

They will meet from August to December 2019 and produce recommendations to me early next year,” the Minister says.

We are not able to go into any specifics regarding the working group, so all inquiries must be sent to the Minister’s office. You can read the the press release from Department of Internal Affairs Minister Tracey Martin by clicking here.