Genital Reconstruction Surgery Update

Kia ora tātou e te whānau.

A basic update on surgeries

YES surgeries are happening. The High Cost Treatment Pool is operating, and trans women are being sent to Manakau based surgeon Dr Rita Yang, after 6 months of hair removal treatment in the genital area, as per Rita’s preferred method.

Trans men’s surgery status

Currently unaffected (still being sent overseas in small numbers).

Trans women’s surgery status

Trans women have not had surgeries in the last few years, so there is currently a catching up period for trans women, with the first 8 trans women from the top of the list underway now.


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[image: a photo background showing a stack of books mostly by trans authors including Justin Vivian Bond, Janet Mock, Imogen Bini, Joe Kadi, and B. Binohan. In front of the books are several different hormone replacement therapy medicines.
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What you can do

At the end of this year, political parties will make budget bids regarding which funding should go where. Before that happens, write to your local MP, or even better, meet with them. This especially applies to conservative parties and MPs who may think that trans people don’t deserve funded surgeries. Make them like you and understand you. Share your true, sad, hard, emotional stories. Tell them we need to have funding allocated for our basic health care, it isn’t fair or right to make us wait and suffer indefinitely.

This is what MPs do, their job is to meet with people and hear what’s important to them. You deserve this.

Finer points to make

Remind them we are at least 1.2% of the population in NZ – that’s over 50,000 trans people – and we haven’t always been out but we’re coming out in droves right now. If they want those votes, they need to treat us like other citizens who have simple health care needs. The current disparities are not acceptable.

We need funding for surgeries, and for other basic care, including mental health support, and 101 trans training for GPs. Currently medical students get 5 minutes of trans training over the entire course of their medical degree. There needs to be a trans module in the curriculum, a simple and inexpensive start.

They could also save themselves a lot of money by funding community organisations like us. Health care providers all over the country use our resources, and trans patients who are supported by us report having better mental health, less suicidal ideation, and feeling more able to see the future and get there. We want a clinic at The Gender Centre in Wellington, and we want to take this same model and create Gender Centres with clinics all over the country, and we want YOU to be involved.

Go forth and change things!


Details for contacting an MP here.