Binding Safely

Binding involves wearing tight garments to flatten the chest. It can be a great way to reduce dysphoria.

Safe binding includes:

Sports bra, layers of shirts, neoprene abdominal trimmers or back supports, medical compression shirts or chest binders, breathable fabric or over a singlet, less than 8 hrs a day.

Unsafe binding includes:

Seran wrap, lunch wrap, elastic, duct tape, Ace/compression bandages, while sleeping, while working out.

If it hurts – stop.

Talk with us about safe binding, and where to get binders.

Binding Poster.jpg

This poster image is two people laughing and walking together. The poster contains the above information, and also says Gender Minorities Aotearoa,, and has the GMA logo of a transgender symbol. You can download a good quality high resolution version of the purpule and orange poster by clicking here. It is free to download and distribute. You can also download the turquoise version by clicking here.

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