GMA’s Healthcare Resources

Our healthcare resources

Trans 101: Glossary of Trans Words and How to Use Them – Gender Minorities Aotearoa (original 2015, 4th edition 2020)
Transgender NZ Issue 1. Hormone Replacement Therapy – Gender Minorities Aotearoa, (2018)
A Third Opinion: Takataapui, Trans, and Intersex Healthcare Tips for Clinicians – Gender Minorities Aotearoa (2015)
A guide to accessing the High Cost Treatment Pool – Gender Minorities Aotearoa (updated 2019)
Understanding Gender Diversity – Health Navigator NZ, co-design Gender Minorities Aotearoa (2019)
Health Navigator links to regional pathways – Health Navigator NZ, co-design Gender Minorities Aotearoa (2019)
Counting Ourselves – GMA were on the community advisory team for the national transgender health report Aotearoa NZ (2019)
Supporting Aotearoa’s Rainbow People; a practice guide for mental health professionals – Gender Minorities Aotearoa, Gloria Fraser, InsideOUT, and RainbowYOUTH, Youth Wellbeing Study (2019)
Health Pathways – Gender Minorities Aotearoa (2018)

Our training videos and presentations

Diversity and Inclusive Primary Healthcare: Trans 101 – Gender Minorities Aotearoa (2017), 13 min video
What Transgender Health Promoters Want You to Know – Gender Minorities Aotearoa (2019), slideshow Working Groups and Professional Associations we belong to
We have many training engagements, and though video and slides aren’t available publicly, you’re welsome to contact us if you want us to provide training for your organisation.

Professional Associations and Working Groups

Professional Association for Transgender Health Aotearoa (PATHA) – executive committee members x 2, founding signatories x 3, founding votes x 4 (of 80)
Births, Deaths, Marriages, and Relationships Registration (BDMRR) Working Group – The Minister of Internal Affairs
Sex and Gender Diverse Health Outcomes Working Group – Capital and Coast DHB, Hutt Valley DHB