Making Ourselves Visible – report on state care

Making Ourselves Visible – report on state care

Takatāpui, transgender, other rainbow young people are more likely to be involved with Oranga Tamariki, and spend time in the state care system, than the general population.

Over the past 2 years, we’ve worked with a number of rainbow organisations and advocates as part of a Community Design Team, facilitated by Point and Associates on behalf of Oranga Tamariki. We carried out research to discover what takatāpui and rainbow young people want Oranga Tamariki to know about their experiences of living in state care, and how they want the system to change.

The report, Making Ourselves Visible, launches 14 June 2023, and will be available on our website once it is launched.

Join the launch webinar

The launch webinar will be held 14 June 2023, from 12 noon to 1pm. You can register here.

The webinar will be led by care-experienced rainbow rangatahi and will include a panel discussion with members of the Community Design Team.

Webinar recording


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Find out more

You can download the webinar slides and find out more at the Te Ngākau Kahukura website here.

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Listening – the right tools for the job

Listening – the right tools for the job

This workbook discusses different kinds of communication, and provides tools for listening and responding in different types of situations.

This resource for transgender adults is from our online course The transgender guide to sex and relationships. You can download an interactive version from inside the course, which you can fill out on your device.

PDF – read online or download

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Sport NZ releases transgender guidelines

Sport NZ releases transgender guidelines

Today Sport NZ released “Guiding Principles – for the inclusion of transgender people in community sport.”

We’re really happy to see that they did a great job of hearing what sports players, governing bodies, and transgender people want, and affirming that everyone should be able to play community sports.

It’s great to see clarity that trans people can play as their affirmed gender, and that there doesn’t need to be any extra barriers to this.

“Sport New Zealand Ihi Aotearoa (Sport NZ) has developed these guiding principles to support the inclusion of transgender people in community sports. The principles are designed to help all community sporting codes and sports organisations (such as clubs, schools and other sporting bodies) to foster an environment where transgender people are welcome, accepted and comfortable to enjoy community sport.” – Sport NZ

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Your experiences matter – Counting Ourselves survey

Your experiences matter – Counting Ourselves survey

It’s so critically important that we have good data on what transgender people’s experiences are, so we can push for change and be heard. As an individual, it can be really hard to be listened to. But when we have research which shows 100, or 1,000 trans people share an experience, that’s hard to ignore. Take the Counting Ourselves survey.

What is the Counting Ourselves survey?

Counting Ourselves is an anonymous health survey designed by and for trans people, including binary and non-binary trans people from all across the country. It asks a wide range of questions about your well being – from healthcare experiences, to housing, discrimination, violence, safety, parenting, relationships, family. And a lot more.

It is quite long, but you can leave and then log back in later. The survey closes at the end of this month, so there’s no better time to start than now.

Who can take the Counting Ourselves survey?

You can take the survey if you are:

1. trans (binary or non-binary), and
2. aged 14 years or older, and
3. currently living in Aotearoa New Zealand.

It does not matter whether you use the specific terms ‘trans’ or ‘non-binary’ to describe yourself, whether you have transitioned or even plan to transition. This survey is for anyone whose gender is different from the sex they were assigned at birth.

The more people who answer the survey, the stronger the evidence we will have to advocate for change.

Photo of Ahi Wi-Hongi (they/them). Ahi is saying: your experiences matter. Our collective experiences matter.

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Free online workshops for parents and whānau

Free online workshops for parents and whānau

Rainbow Support Collective is holding a series of free online workshops as part of it’s Be There awareness campaign for whānau.

If you are a parent or whānau member of a rainbow young person, these workshops are for you. You will learn tips from Gender Minorities Aotearoa and other Rainbow organisations, and have the opportunity to share experiences with other parents and whānau.

The upcoming workshops will be held on:

  • Saturday 24th September at 2pm
  • Sunday 2nd October at 2pm
  • Wednesday 5th October at 7pm