Rest in peace Georgina Beyer

Georgina Beyer, the world’s first openly transgender Mayor and Member of Parliament in recorded history, passed away peacefully at Mary Potter Hospice, 6 March 2023 at 3.30pm. Our Executive Director Ahi Wi-Hongi wrote a small tribute to her here. For many, many trans people in Aotearoa, Georgina Beyer was the first – and for some … Continue reading Rest in peace Georgina Beyer

Census 2023 – just the facts

The 2023 census will count transgender and intersex people for the first time. After many years of activism from a wide range of people in our communities, including protests, banner drops, submissions, and lots of other tactics, we’re here. This is a huge win. While some of the wording and changes are not what we … Continue reading Census 2023 – just the facts

Coping with trauma

This workbook explains emotional and body responses to fear and survival mechanisms, as well as behavioral responses, and how to recognise a trauma response. Learners are prompted to identify how they might know if they’re experiencing a trauma response, and how they want to react or want partners to respond. This resource is from our … Continue reading Coping with trauma

What do bodies mean

This workbook presents many common myths about transgender people’s bodies and associated sexual behaviors, alongside the facts. It then prompts learners to choose a myth they know about, and write down the fact alongside it, including any experiences or supporting information that shows their fact is true. Then learners express their fact, or their feelings … Continue reading What do bodies mean

If you are sexually assaulted – understanding your options

This booklet discusses getting to safety, your rights, medical and emergency contraceptive support, medical forensic examination, making a complaint to Police, legal support, counseling and ACC, crisis support, and support from friends and family. This resource for transgender adults is from our online course The transgender guide to sex and relationships. It discusses sensitive topics, … Continue reading If you are sexually assaulted – understanding your options