Census 2023 – just the facts

The 2023 census will count transgender and intersex people for the first time. After many years of activism from a wide range of people in our communities, including protests, banner drops, submissions, and lots of other tactics, we’re here. This is a huge win. While some of the wording and changes are not what we … Continue reading Census 2023 – just the facts

My intersex self

This booklet explores some of the positive and empowering ways that intersex people feel about their bodies. This resource is from our online course The transgender guide to sex and relationships, made in collaboration with Intersex Aotearoa. It is designed for intersex and transgender adults, and may not be suitable for younger viewers Continue reading My intersex self

Database overhaul

We’re currently overhauling our gender-affirming healthcare provider database, so please bear with us as work on it! We’re changing from a system where patients recommend their providers, to one where providers register themselves. This means we can ask which services they provide, what kind of transgender competency training they have had, and other things which … Continue reading Database overhaul

Free webinar for primary health providers – informed consent

One of our main focuses in 2022 is advocating for informed consent in gender affirming healthcare. Informed consent is a legal right in all areas of New Zealand healthcare. However, there is a long history of access to transgender healthcare being dependent on diagnoses and psychological assessments.  Gender Minorities Aotearoa will be delivering a free … Continue reading Free webinar for primary health providers – informed consent

Depo-testosterone unavailable

Depo-testosterone (testosterone cipionate) unavailable until September 2022 Due to Covid-19 disruptions, Pfizer, the company that makes the Depo-Testosterone injection, will be unable to supply Depo-Testosterone to New Zealand from late October 2021 until September 2022. This means that Depo-Testosterone will be unavailable in New Zealand during this time.  Alternatives There are alternatives to the Depo-Testosterone … Continue reading Depo-testosterone unavailable