Accurate Birth Certificates: BDMRR 101

All about the BDMRR Bill and changing gender markers on birth certificates

Aotearoa Trans Healthcare Guidelines Released

We're very pleased to announce that the national guidelines for trans healthcare in Aotearoa have been released, and can be found here.

Transgender Health Care Now: Wellington Pride Parade

March 10th 2018, takataapui, transgender, and intersex people and supporters walked, danced, and rode along in the Wellington International Pride Parade with a clear message: transgender health care now!

Autistic and Transgender, Intersex, Takataapui?

Are you part of the 9.4% of transgender people who are autistic? What did you wish you’d known when you were first working things out? What goes into a resource booklet for Autistic Transgender People? Help us at Gender Minorities Aotearoa to decide.

Health Pathways

In some regions of Aotearoa, health pathways are being developed by cross sector working groups - these may include District Health Boards, Endocrinology, General Practitioners, Mental Health, Student Health, Youth Services, Specialist Services, Transgender Takataapui and Intersex Community Leaders, and other experts.

Takataapui – Over the Rainbow

Takataapui is used more specifically for Maori genders, such as: - taahine - similar to mixed gender, sometimes non-binary, or transgender not-otherwise-specified - whakawahine - similar to trans woman - tangata ira tane - similar to trans man Takataapui is often used as a gender of it's self - Maori transgender not-otherwise-specified. Some also use takataapui to refer to non-Maori who are transgender and intersex.

Community Working Bee – Aug 20th

Nau mai haere mai, come to a community working bee and potluck this Sunday. We will be working on the op shop venue, moving some building supplies out of the space, cleaning, and hanging up clothes. Come along and meet some lovely people, share some kai, and join us in getting Aunty Dana’s Op Shop up and running! Your support is welcome and appreciated.