Russian translations – healthy relationships resources

Russian translations – healthy relationships resources

This year we worked together with T-Action, a transgender organisation in Russia, to bring you Russian translations of some important resources.

The resources are about healthy relationships with yourself and others. We are releasing these for Trans Day of Visibility, 31 March 2023 #TDoV.

Trans people in Russia are currently illegalised, and it is illegal to “promote” being transgender in Russia. This means that being visible poses very real danger to a trans person, and makes it incredibly hard for organisations like T-Action, which do similar advocacy to us at Gender Minorities Aotearoa.

Trans people cannot be visible without freedom from laws that criminalise us.

We stand together with trans people in every country where laws are hostile to trans existence. We are very grateful to T-Action for their continued work to support trans people, for reaching out to us, and for translating our resources.

We hope that these translations will benefit trans people in Russia, as well as Russian-speaking trans people in Aotearoa, and across the world.

Message from T-Action

Visibility is a form of empowerment.

We become stronger not only when we become visible to the cisworld, but also when some trans communities become visible to other trans communities. 

On Transgender Day of Visibility, trans initiative group T-Action announce a precious collaboration with Gender Minorities Aotearoa. We proudly present you a Russian translation of resources from “The Transgender Guide to Sex and Relationships” – as translators Aleksandr Grin, Inga Grin and Anna Polyakova believe, one of the best materials on the web, created by trans people for trans people. 

In a situation where any talk about transgender and sexuality is prohibited by outrageously unfair laws, an ability to access such materials is a necessity for Russian-speaking trans people. We are grateful for the opportunity to publish the translation on Gender Minorities Aotearoa website.

As we all continue to face challenges and discrimination, it is important to remember that we are not alone, the community is looking after us and ready to give us a place to belong, listen and help.

Despite the geographical distance and cultural differences, we can find common ground and work together toward a world where trans people are free to live, love, and thrive without fear of discrimination, rejection, or violence.

About T-Action

T-Action is the major trans organisation in Russia operating since 2014. Our mission is to empower transgender people, strengthen the trans community, and raise trans awareness and trans sensitivity in society.

In 9 years of its work, T-Action has made a “trans revolution” in health care services in Russia:

– Educated hundreds of medical doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists, and other professionals about transgender physical and mental health.

– Conducted research projects about the life of trans people in Russia with medical institutions – that had never been done before.

– Changed perceptions and beliefs about transgender people in the Russian medical, media, and social field. Organized programs, research, and activities with professionals from different areas.

– Organized a Trans*Fest – a unique annual festival with educational events made by the community for the community (not for the people outside, as many trans-related events have to be). Each Trans*Fest is visited by hundreds of trans people throughout the country, both online and offline.

– Empowered many transgender people themselves to be proactive, to know, and to protect their rights.

In current times T-Action was declared a foreign agent and as a result, announced its liquidation. Instantly, a new group was founded with exactly the same goals and activities which works with and for so-called ‘kilkots’.

Within the trans community, Kilkot is a well-known mascot of our group – half-cat, half-fish, a kind of cat-mermaid – and our audience is well aware of it and associates it with us. This way, our audience easily understands the context, and, in the end, it’s just fun if we are accused of “propagating kilkotism”.

See the translations

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Coping with trauma

Coping with trauma

This workbook explains emotional and body responses to fear and survival mechanisms, as well as behavioral responses, and how to recognise a trauma response. Learners are prompted to identify how they might know if they’re experiencing a trauma response, and how they want to react or want partners to respond.

This resource is from our online course The transgender guide to sex and relationships. It is designed for transgender adults, and may not be suitable for younger viewers.

PDF – read online or download

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Справиться с травмой – Russian translation

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Solving relationship issues

Solving relationship issues

This booklet discusses topics like taking responsibility in a relationship, emotional labor, relationship management, and frameworks for making decisions, setting goals, and carrying out plans together.

It is from our online course The transgender guide to sex and relationships.

PDF – read online or download

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Bad narratives – on transgender people as partners

Bad narratives – on transgender people as partners

The chart outlines some of the stereotypes, prejudices, and discrimination related to trans people, sex and relationships, as well as ways this can impact a transgender person.

This is resource is from our online course The transgender guide to sex and relationships.
It is designed for transgender adults, and may not be suitable for younger viewers.

PDF – read online or download

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The transgender guide to sex and relationships: online course

The transgender guide to sex and relationships: online course

The transgender guide to sex and relationships is a free online course designed to provide interesting, fun, insightful, and practical information for transgender adults.

It aims to assist you in exploring ideas around your body and sense of self, what you like and don’t like, your needs and limits, communication, sex, and relationships.

The course takes approximately 12 hours to complete, and is broken into 6 Chapters. You can stop at any time and continue later by logging in again.

Here’s a quick outline of what you’ll learn.

What each chapter covers

Chapter 1. Foundations

In this chapter, you’ll explore the idea of sexual well-being, learn some interesting history, delve into some of the ways that power can affect relationships, and look at some positive – and negative – ideas about trans people and sex. You’ll also reflect on some of your own ideas about partners.

Chapter 2. Self

You will explore genital development, and language used for genitals, along with some of the ways which transgender and intersex people feel about their bodies, and some common myths and facts. Then, you’ll take a deep dive into your own sexual preferences.

Chapter 3. Communication

In this chapter, you’ll explore having conversations about consent in sexual situations, how to recognise, discuss, and manage trauma memories (or triggers), and you’ll learn a variety of tools and techniques for communication.

Chapter 4. Relationships

In this chapter, you’ll investigate different types of relationships, and discover ways to identify and express your needs and boundaries in a relationship. You’ll look at ways to determine who should get to make which decisions in a relationship, and looking at problems in relationships and how to solve them together. You’ll also look at some safety strategies.

Chapter 5. Safer sex

In this chapter, you’ll master the use of barrier methods for safer sex, gain insight into living with HIV, establish the steps to get STI testing, review ways to identify and manage risks in a wide variety of sexual situations, and learn about steps you can take if you are sexually assaulted. You’ll also learn how to help prevent sexual violence in your community.

Chapter 6. Better sex

You will gain an improved understanding of sex toys and pornography, explore flirting and initiating sexual contact, take in strategies for identifying, experiencing, and working out your emotions, gain skills for enhancing your sexual experiences, practice giving and receiving touch in non-sexual situations, and gain improved confidence in giving and receiving touch in sexual situations.

The transgender guide to sex and relationships is designed by and for transgender adults, including binary, non-binary, and intersex trans adults.

It contains sexual themes, and discusses sensitive topics such as sexual violence and trauma.

You must be aged 18 years or older to take this course.

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