The transgender guide to sex and relationships: online course

The transgender guide to sex and relationships: online course

The transgender guide to sex and relationships is a free online course designed to provide interesting, fun, insightful, and practical information for transgender adults.

It aims to assist you in exploring ideas around your body and sense of self, what you like and don’t like, your needs and limits, communication, sex, and relationships.

The course takes approximately 12 hours to complete, and is broken into 6 Chapters. You can stop at any time and continue later by logging in again.

Here’s a quick outline of what you’ll learn.

What each chapter covers

Chapter 1. Foundations

In this chapter, you’ll explore the idea of sexual well-being, learn some interesting history, delve into some of the ways that power can affect relationships, and look at some positive – and negative – ideas about trans people and sex. You’ll also reflect on some of your own ideas about partners.

Chapter 2. Self

You will explore genital development, and language used for genitals, along with some of the ways which transgender and intersex people feel about their bodies, and some common myths and facts. Then, you’ll take a deep dive into your own sexual preferences.

Chapter 3. Communication

In this chapter, you’ll explore having conversations about consent in sexual situations, how to recognise, discuss, and manage trauma memories (or triggers), and you’ll learn a variety of tools and techniques for communication.

Chapter 4. Relationships

In this chapter, you’ll investigate different types of relationships, and discover ways to identify and express your needs and boundaries in a relationship. You’ll look at ways to determine who should get to make which decisions in a relationship, and looking at problems in relationships and how to solve them together. You’ll also look at some safety strategies.

Chapter 5. Safer sex

In this chapter, you’ll master the use of barrier methods for safer sex, gain insight into living with HIV, establish the steps to get STI testing, review ways to identify and manage risks in a wide variety of sexual situations, and learn about steps you can take if you are sexually assaulted. You’ll also learn how to help prevent sexual violence in your community.

Chapter 6. Better sex

You will gain an improved understanding of sex toys and pornography, explore flirting and initiating sexual contact, take in strategies for identifying, experiencing, and working out your emotions, gain skills for enhancing your sexual experiences, practice giving and receiving touch in non-sexual situations, and gain improved confidence in giving and receiving touch in sexual situations.

The transgender guide to sex and relationships is designed by and for transgender adults, including binary, non-binary, and intersex trans adults.

It contains sexual themes, and discusses sensitive topics such as sexual violence and trauma.

You must be aged 18 years or older to take this course.

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Trans woman wins NZ karting championship title

Trans woman wins NZ karting championship title

We are very proud to be sponsoring trans woman Alice MacLachlan in the 2022 IORK New Zealand Karting Championships, and upcoming Kartsport NZ National Endurance Championships.

We want to say a huge congratulations on her new championship title as the 2022 IORK NZ Women’s Open champion!

Alice tells the story

“Around 50 of NZ’s top kart racers arrived in Nelson to fight for the national title in highly changeable weather conditions. The competition was predictably fierce, with the fastest and slowest drivers in most races separated by only around half a second per lap – all vying for one of the 12 slots on the grid for the winner-takes-all 100 lap finals.”

My goal had been to be the first openly transgender driver to stand on a New Zealand national karting podium. And, well, mission accomplished. After taking a win and several podiums through the heats, I finished a hard-fought third place in the middle weight category final. It was a surreal feeling, having come so close on so many occasions in the past 15 years. But the result was quickly overshadowed in the best way possible, when I claimed my first ever NZ championship title in the Women’s Open!”

“Standing on the top step of the national women’s championship podium as a trans woman was… overwhelming, to say the least. Equally overwhelming was the genuine and enthusiastic support and cheers of the entire field. I must say I am very, very proud to be involved in a sport in which an openly transgender woman can win in the women’s category and receive not one hint of transphobic backlash.”

The final New Zealand championship event for the year, the Kartsport NZ National Endurance Championship, is on this weekend. It’s a team event, with 3 different drivers taking the wheel for each team over a 4-hour race.

KartSport Nelson, Facebook post: Only a few days left until we host the 2022 Briggs Supply Company KartSport New Zealand National Endurance. The weather is going to make it an interesting event in sunny Nelson. Remember, spectator entry is free!

You can follow Alice on Instagram: @worlds_fastest_transgirl

She also qualified for the 2023 Karting World Championships in Belgium, so if you want to donate or sponsor her for the World Karting Championship, you can click here to find out how, or visit her GiveaLittle page here

Consensus decision making

Consensus decision making

Consensus decision making is a method of discussing issues and making decisions together.

This resource is designed to assist with communication, community discussions, community organising, and organising events or activities collectively. It can be useful in both formal and informal groups; including families, friends, and relationship.

You can download this PDF below, or purchase a poster at our online store here.

This resource pairs well with our Active listening resource.

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Sexual Violence and Family Violence Support Survey

Sexual Violence and Family Violence Support Survey

We are carrying out an assessment of sexual violence and family violence support services across the country to see how ready they are to work with transgender and intersex people. Please help us complete this important piece of work by filling out our survey.

Who this survey is for

If you are a member of an organisation that provides sexual violence and family violence services, the first survey is for you.

If you work for a rainbow organisation which may handle these types of disclosures, the second survey is for you.

Help us identify what current knowledge and capabilities are available for transgender, takatāpui and intersex communities, and how you could be better supported in your work.

If you are transgender or intersex, and have ever wanted to get support, tried to get support, or received services from any organisation in relation to sexual violence, partner violence, or family violence, the third survey is for you.

Support while answering the survey

The questions are about what kind of support is available and what kind of support you provide or have tried to access, not about violence that you have experienced. However, we understand that the survey may lead you to think about traumatic or distressing experiences. If you feel distressed or need trauma support while answering this survey, there are contact details for support agencies on the TOAH-NNEST website below.

Who this survey is by

The Anti-Violence Resource Centre, or ARC, is a collaborative project between Intersex Aotearoa and Gender Minorities Aotearoa.

Gender Minorities Aotearoa is a national transgender-led organisation that provides peer support, healthcare information and a wide range of advocacy services.

Intersex Aotearoa is an intersex-led non-profit organisation that provides advocacy, education and support for those with intersex variations in Aotearoa.

Checklist for initiating gender-affirming hormone treatment

Checklist for initiating gender-affirming hormone treatment

This checklist for initiating gender-affirming hormone treatment aligns with New Zealand and international best practice.

PDF – read online or download

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