Checklist for initiating gender-affirming hormone treatment

This checklist for initiating gender-affirming hormone treatment aligns with New Zealand and international best practice. Checklist General medical intake (medical history, family history, etc). Discuss the patient’s gender (sometimes referred to as “gender identity”). Discuss gender-affirming healthcare goals. Discuss expected outcomes of hormone therapy. Baseline blood work. Blood pressure, cardiovascular, and respiratory exams. Review of … Continue reading Checklist for initiating gender-affirming hormone treatment

Depo-testosterone unavailable

Depo-testosterone (testosterone cipionate) unavailable until September 2022 Due to Covid-19 disruptions, Pfizer, the company that makes the Depo-Testosterone injection, will be unable to supply Depo-Testosterone to New Zealand from late October 2021 until September 2022. This means that Depo-Testosterone will be unavailable in New Zealand during this time.  Alternatives There are alternatives to the Depo-Testosterone … Continue reading Depo-testosterone unavailable

Safe Estrogen Levels

A common question which many trans women ask, is what their estrogen levels should ideally be. They have often asked for a higher dose from their prescribing doctor, and been told no, there are too many risks, and that their current level is within the normal ranges. The maximum pmol/L cited by doctors is often 200 or 250. However, this is against best practise. Continue reading Safe Estrogen Levels