The Gender Centre: Social Events

The Gender Centre: Social Events

The Gender Centre will be opening this spring at 128 Abel Smith Street Wellington, but we are starting up some regular social events sooner!
We would like to hear your ideas, and are looking for volunteers to help make it happen!
The idea is to run a sober social event (almost) every Saturday from 3pm – 6pm.
1st Sat each month: Takataapui, Transgender, & Intersex Social
2nd Saturday each month: Trans Youth Social
3rd Saturday each month: Queer Cafe
4th Saturday each month: social for people who cross dress but may not identify with being trans or be ready to be out about it (there won’t be signs outside on this day)
These will be free entry, people can bring some snacks to share if they like (once we have funding we can provide kai), it will be low key casual, and the people who attend can decide what they want to have it be like. So it’s just like drop in for cups of tea and snacks, meet people, maybe have some boardgames by the fire, bring your knitting, that kind of thing.
If you want to volunteer, help plan events, light the fire, make cups of tea, welcome in guests, and be entertaining (lolz) we would love to welcome you onboard.
Please comment on our Facebook post, or email us on and let us know which event you’d like to help organise 😀
image: a white poster with orange text. In the middle is a Gender Minorities Aotearoa’s logo, which is a black circle with the transgender symbol inside it, overlaid with colourful dots.
text: The Gender Centre, Gender Minorities Aotearoa, Thursday Friday Saturday 10am – 3pm,
Fundraising for Gender Minorities Aotearoa

Fundraising for Gender Minorities Aotearoa

Kia ora and thank you so much for your solidarity and support!
This info sheet is our basic guide to running a fundraiser. If you have any questions please contact us on

Why: the cause or project

Know which project specifically you’re fundraising for so you can tell people how great it is and why you’re raising funds for it! It also helps to set an amount which you hope to raise so that everyone who helps and everyone who donates can feel really satisfied when you reach your goal!

What kind of fundraising

What kind of fund raiser do you want to create?

There are all kinds of ways to raise funds – from cake stalls and garage sales to house parties and gigs, pageants, bike races, talent shows, raffles, selling crafts, all sorts!

When is the right time

It can help to hold your fundraiser on an important date – such as Transgender Day of Visibility, transgender day of rememberance, other important Rainbow Community dates, or at a Rainbow Community event such as The Big Gay Out, or Out in the Park.

Who will participate

First, there are volunteers who will help with the fundraiser: play at your gig, bake a cake, put up posters, come to a crafting session, showcase their talent.

Second, there are participants who will give you funds: attend your gig, buy your cakes or crafts, come to your house party.
For your volunteer crew: do you have friends who can help out?
Could you put a post in a Facebook group, or on a noticeboard for people who want to get involved?
For your participants: it depends on your fundraiser; for example you might invite friends to a house party, but a concert or bake sale would probably be a public event.

Where is the right place

If you are holding a public event, you might want to think about venues in terms of your participants: is it a black tie dinner? A punk gig? A family friendly picnic? A queer community soccor game? Can you get a free venue? A cheap venue? A mobility accessible venue? A venue close to public transport?
If you are having a cake or craft stall or raffle, this can be done at a pre-existing event – your local veggie market, a church event, a Rainbow Community event, you can even hold one on your front lawn if you live on a busy street!

How will you tell people about it

Posters could go up in cafes, you could create a Facebook event and share on social media, email, text, and tell your friends and whanau, crafted badges and cards might go in a bowl on the front desk at your workplace, a gig might need posters up around town, and you can always write a press release to tell people about your fundraiser and why you’re holding it.

See our guide to media advocacy for more info.

Download the PDF here Fundraising for Gender Minorities Aotearoa


Pink Shirt Day – Transgender Community Drop in Opens

Pink Shirt Day – Transgender Community Drop in Opens

Today is Pink Shirt Day, the beginning of Youth Week, and transgender organisation Gender Minorities Aotearoa is announcing big plans for sustainable support services.

”We all know that transgender, takataapui, and other gender minorities face disproportionate bullying and discrimination,” National Coordinator Ahi Wi-Hongi says, ”so this year we are announcing the opening of our first Gender Centre and op shop combo.”

”The Gender Centre will be a place where transgender and intersex people can come for information, resources, and a supportive social environment,” says Wi-Hongi, ”where folks can relax and feel supported, normal, safe, and comfortable; free from harassment, bullying, and judgement.

”The op shop will mean we can fund the Gender Centre sustainably, as well as providing a way to easily connect – everyone knows how to use an op shop and no one is afraid to be seen entering one,” says Wi-Hongi, who previously spent 3 years successfully co-running the Opportunity for Animals franchise and setting up the Black Sheep Animal Sanctuary in Otaki.

Wi-Hongi says the gender centre, which is set to open this summer, will help to address the widespread need for information and support with things like whanau relationships, changing identity documents, using the healthcare system, employment and housing issues, issues around partner and sexual violence, and accessing other services.

Gender Minorities Aotearoa also offers information, consultation, and sensitivity training to service providers and wider communities. ”We are committed to providing culturally appropriate and diverse education for whanau, friends, and wider communities to understand the needs of transgender and intersex people,” says Wi-Hongi, ”as well as advocating for rights and social change.”

With over 3 years experience offering a similar wrap around service to sex workers at New Zealand Prostitutes’ Collective, Wi-Hongi says they are well versed in realistic approaches to support and empowerment.

”We are so excited to offer a cross cultural and transgender led wrap around service to all transgender and intersex people. We are starting in Wellington, but our 5 year plan includes opening two more branches, and our 10 year plan looks at a much wider reach.”

Gender Minorities Aotearoa is seeking donations of clothing, footwear, accessories, and small household appliances, which can be dropped off at 128 Abel Smith Street Wellington between 6pm and 8pm on weekdays, or any time on weekends.

”It’s a fantastic way for everyone to be part of this important historic moment, and the enormous support we are receiving is really heart warming. The kindness and community spirit is overwhelming. We are truly grateful for your messages of support and your donations – thank you all so much.”

Scoop article here.