Census 2023 – just the facts

Census 2023 – just the facts

The 2023 census will count transgender and intersex people for the first time.

After many years of activism from a wide range of people in our communities, including protests, banner drops, submissions, and lots of other tactics, we’re here. This is a huge win.

While some of the wording and changes are not what we advocated for, and there are some mixed feelings, it is nevertheless a step forward toward a society which recognises trans and intersex people as part of the community.

So while we don’t stand behind all of the ways it’s being done, and we understand the frustrations with it, we also do support making the most of the situation, filling the census, and continuing to push for it to be better.

Here are the Census fact sheets, as well as links to find more info, and where to give feedback.

Fact sheet on Rainbow Communities

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Fact sheet on intersex

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Find more information

You can find more information and get updates in the Census website here.

Give feedback or complain

You can give feedback on what did or didn’t work for you, make a complaint, or give your thoughts to Census NZ here.