Get Involved

At GMA we do lots of different things, and we would love your support.

There are many ways you can support this kaupapa – like holding a fund raising event, donating goods for the op shop, or telling us about friendly services in your area. He aha te mea nui o te Ao? He tangata, he tangata, he tangata. Community is everything.

Things you can do from home

Like’, share, link to, and promote our Facebook page and our website

Spread the word throughout your networks. Tell your friends all about us. If you are an organisation or a group who have a website, please link to our website from yours.

Surgery related information

If you’ve had any transition or affirmation related surgeries, do you have information or feedback about the surgeon/s, the procedures they do, the costs of your surgery, the costs of traveling to and staying in a particular country, tips for places to stay, other useful, simple, and clear surgery information? Do you have a blog or a post about it that you could share? Tell us all about it.

Let us know what’s happening in your area

Research trans, and intersex friendly essential services in your area – from healthcare providers, clinics, counselors, and psychologists, to emergency accommodation shelters, to women’s organisations and university groups.

Call, email, or pop in and politely ask them questions. Tell them about our resources for health care providers and give them our web address. Ask for recommendations from other trans and intersex people in your networks and local support groups.

Send in your ideas, comments, or other feedback

We welcome input from all parts of the rainbow, whanau, friends, and supportive others. We . welcome all suggestions, including things you would like to see included in our database, and ways we can improv.

out in your community

Fund raise for us

Hold a fund raising stall, garage sale, gig, house party, bake sale, or picnic. You can download our fund raising guide here. Use our media advocacy guide to help promote your event, and let us know so we can promote it on our social media too. Encourage your friends, workplace, school, or organisation to donate or become a sponsor.

Volunteer at Aunty Dana’s Op Shop

Sign up to volunteer by clicking here. Or just show up during open hours and speak to the person behind the counter. We would love to have you as part of our awesome team.

Donate you clothing, accessories, and small household appliances

We run a fantastic fund raising op shop – Aunty Dana’s –  in Wellington. You can donate goods by bringing them into the store during open hours.

Come to our events and help out

It’s always great to have more people who can help with running events – whether we are doing a stall at a craft fair, a sober social, or something else, we welcome support with preparing the space and making everyone feel comfortable.

financial contributions
We also welcome donations big or small, one offs or monthly or weekly. Every dollar makes a difference. Let us know if you would like to help collect donations, or you can share our donations page on social media and let folks know why you want to support this cause.

Thank you for your support!