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Gender affirming healthcare services

Find gender affirming healthcare in Aotearoa NZ.

Find a local transgender-friendly doctor, GP, clinic, specialist, or surgeon who provides gender affirming healthcare services in your region.

For patients

Healthcare in your area

If you’re looking for a doctor, clinic, GP, psychologist, endocrinologist, therapist, or any other healthcare provider in your area, see the national trans healthcare database.

Regional health services

Find out what is available on public funding through your regional health services (formerly DHB – district health board).

NZCCP psychologists

The NZ College of Clinical Psychologists has a database of psychologists – these ones have tagged themselves with ‘transgender’.

Information for patients

Comprehensive gender-affirming healthcare information.

Recommend your healthcare provider

If you are a transgender patient, and you would like to recommend your healthcare provider, you can recommend them here.

For providers

Information for clinicians

Comprehensive health information, practice guidelines, professional development.

3D health pathways for clinicians

3D Health Pathways is an online portal for clinicians. Health Navigator has links to these.

Register your practice

If you provide gender affirming healthcare, you can register to be added to the national trans healthcare database (viewed 6,000+ times a year).

Trans competency training

Take our free, 2 hour, on-demand e-learning module ‘Supporting Transgender People”.