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Transgender chest binders and binding tape.

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Chest binders and binding tape are medical prosthetics used to flatten the chest.

They are medically recognised as an essential medical treatment for the alleviation of gender dysphoria.

Binding can give a trans person time to think though whether they want to have top surgery, and can help make life easier if they don’t want surgery, can’t access surgery, or have to wait a long time for surgery.

Binding prosthetics are typically worn tight and are slightly restrictive or may be uncomfortable, but they should not cause pain.

While there are some risks involved, these risks can be minimised by using a quality product and following safety guidelines.

What is a binder?

Binders are tight fitting garments which are usually similar in appearance to a singlet or sports bra.

They are designed for transgender people who want to flatten their chest.

What is binding tape?

Binding tape is kinesiology tape, which is designed for bodies and is waterproof.

It was developed for athletes to prevent sports injuries, or to support healing after an injury.

Be aware that while kinesiology tape is sometimes called ‘sports tape’, not all sports tape is kinesiology tape.


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