Rainbow Mental Health Resource

Our fantastic 2019 resource, Supporting Aotearoa’s Rainbow People, is a practical guide for mental health professionals who are working with transgender or other Rainbow patients, or who simply want to upskill and understand with sensitivity some of the barriers for rainbow people in accessing mental health services. Written by Gloria Fraser, with co-design from Gender … Continue reading Rainbow Mental Health Resource

Being trans and protesting

Many trans people are passionate about equality, which can lead them to join community groups, unions, or protests. This pamphlet gives legal information for trans people interacting with Police and the criminal justice system when protesting, if detained, and while being processed within the criminal justice system. In 2017 we worked with a local anti-war … Continue reading Being trans and protesting

Number of Trans People in NZ

The Youth ’12 survey of 8,500 secondary school students in NZ showed 1.2% identified themselves as transgender.

With a population of 4.693 million, 1.2% = 56,316 trans people in NZ. A further 2.5% reported being unsure of their gender.

Make the spaces you are in be safe spaces to come out. Continue reading Number of Trans People in NZ