Transgender women in sport

The Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport has released an excellent report entitled ‘Transgender Women Athletes and Elite Sport: A Scientific Review’. Along with the full report, you can download an executive summary, and a research summary and recommendations. Key Findings Key Biomedical Findings Key Sociocultural Findings Continue reading Transgender women in sport

Feeling Myself – a sexuality workbook for transgender adults

Feeling myself is a sexuality workbook about discovering what feels good to you. It looks at managing dysphoria, exploring sensory experiences, types of touch, and the thoughts, feelings, and fantasies which you like or dislike. It is from our online course The transgender guide to sex and relationships. It is designed for transgender adults, and … Continue reading Feeling Myself – a sexuality workbook for transgender adults

2020-2021 Annual Report

Check out some key activities we did in 2020 below, or see our 2020 Annual Report for all the juicy details. Our Core priority areas for 2020 1. Wrap around support.2. Healthcare.3. Housing.4. Identity Documents.5. Connectedness. Despite the global pandemic, we had a very successful year across all five of these areas. Continue reading 2020-2021 Annual Report

Be An Ally 101

In our “Be an Ally 101” we discuss how common trans people are, what their lives are like, how to support a trans person you know, how to support trans rights, and where to find out more. Article, video, and booklet format. Continue reading Be An Ally 101

BDMRR Update

Department of Internal Affairs Minister Tracey Martin has established a working group to advise on improving the process fro updating the gender marker on one’s birth certificate under the current legislation. Continue reading BDMRR Update