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Irawhiti Takatāpui: Transgender Rainbow Māori

Irawhiti is an umbrella word and an individual identity, which refers to all transgender people; including binary,non-binary, and some intersex people. Takatāpui is an umbrella word and an individual identity, which refers to all rainbow people - including transgender, pansexual, lesbian, queer, gay, bisexual, and some asexual people.

Transgender Refugee Support

We are excited to announce the new website of Rainbow Path - an advocacy and peer support group for the rights of Rainbow refugees and asylum seekers living in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Ban “Conversion Therapy”: Petition Delivered Today

When trans people seek medical care - regardless of whether this is gender affirming care, a simple cold, or a broken bone - they are commonly subjected to conversion therapy. No matter what health complaint they have, it is often blamed on hormones, and the clinician tries to end their hormone prescription.

Going Coastal: trans teen Mindy raises funds for GMA

March is PRIDE month in the Wellington region, and our friend Mindy, age 14, is #GoingCoastal on a 160km walk from Castlepoint to Kāpiti to raise funds for GMA.

Safe Estrogen Levels

A common question which many trans women ask, is what their estrogen levels should ideally be. They have often asked for a higher dose from their prescribing doctor, and been told no, there are too many risks, and that their current level is within the normal ranges. The maximum pmol/L cited by doctors is often 200 or 250. However, this is against best practise.

Auckland Office of Ethnic Communities hui

The Office of Ethnic Communities in Auckland wants to reach out to trans and rainbow people, and is holding a hui tomorrow (Thursday 4th Feb 2021).