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Our BDMRR submission

Submission on the Inquiry into Supplementary Order Paper 59 on the Births Deaths Marriage Relationships Registration Bill We support the intent of this Bill, as amended by Supplementary Order Paper 59. This SOP reflects the preferred option outlined in the Regulatory Impact Statement and its assessment of mana motuhake / Self- determination of sex.  However, … Continue reading Our BDMRR submission

GMA Services During Covid-19 Alert Level 4

Most of our transgender support services will continue as normal during Covid-19 Alert Level 4, but there will be a few changes. For information on managing your Covid bubble, decontamination protocol, healthcare, wage subsidies, WINZ payments, sex work income, housing, and more, please see our “Trans Folks in Lockdown” resource/ Our in person services will … Continue reading GMA Services During Covid-19 Alert Level 4