Free Binders

National free binder programme

Who can apply

Our national free binder programme is designed to support trans (including non-binary) people who are:
1. In Aotearoa NZ, and
2. Need a binder, and
3. Cannot afford to purchase one.
If you meet these 3 requirements, you can apply for a free binder.

Waiting list

As we raise funds to purchase these, there is a waiting list. We are working to make this wait as short as possible. Current applications will take around 12 months, which we think is far too long to wait. In light of this, we’ve temporarily closed applications until we can catch up. In the long run, we are advocating for the public health system to supply binders from their prosthetics budgets. See our post here for details.

Binder Design

Our free binders are co-designed by Gender Minorities Aotearoa and This is the Back, with input from the physiotherapists at Physio Spot, and with much testing by trans people with diverse bodies and chests. They are made right here in Aotearoa NZ at This is the Back. We are also given a number of free binders by the trans-led USA based organisation GC2B. The design and sizing are very similar for both of these.

Safe binder use

Together with physiotherapists, GMA developed guidelines for binding safely, including exercises, and what to use if you don’t have a purpose-made binder.

Buy a Binder

GMA doesn’t sell binders, but we have helped to make them available locally, starting at $40.


If you would like to donate funds toward more free binders, please use the reference ”binder donation”. Alternatively, you can donate binders from our wishlist!