The National Free Binder Programme is designed to support people in Aotearoa who need a binder and can’t afford to purchase one. We also sell binders for those who would like to purchase one.

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Our binders are designed by Gender Minorities Aotearoa, with co-design input from clinicians at Willis Street Physiotherapy/ Physio Spot, and much testing by people with diverse bodies and chests. They are made right here in Aotearoa NZ.

Your binder comes with information on breathing techniques, and safety information including how to wear your binder. These tips are sent out as a pamphlet with your binder and can also be viewed below.

Size Guide

Please use our binder sizing guide to make sure you get the best possible fit.

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Request a free binder

We give away up to 10 binders each month, and while we can’t guarantee you will get one the month you apply, we will be in contact and let you know when you can expect to receive one.

Purchase a binder for $30 – $40

If you would like to purchase a binder, the cost is sliding scale $30 to $40 each. All purchase $ over $30 goes toward a free binder for someone in need.

Donate towards free binders

If you would like to donate toward more free binders, you can use our donations page here, and use the reference ”binder donation”.

Pamphlet front: Effective breathing and exercises

Binder Breathing Leaflet (1)

Pamphlet back: Using your binder