Free Binders

National free binder programme

The free binder programme is designed to support people in Aotearoa NZ who need a binder and cannot afford to purchase one. You can use the form below to send us a request for a free binder, from anywhere in Aotearoa New Zealand. As we raise funds to purchase these, there is a waiting list. We are working to make this wait as short as possible, and anticipate that current applications will take around 6 months though wait times are sometimes longer.

Note: you can only access this from New zealand – we cannot provide binders to international applicants

To purchase a NZ made high quality binder for around $40, with no waiting list, see this page.

Our binders are designed by Gender Minorities Aotearoa, with co-design input from This is the Back, and the clinicians at Physio Spot, and with much testing by people with diverse bodies and chests. They are made right here in Aotearoa NZ at This is the Back. We also import binders from GC2B. The design is very similar for both of these.

If you would like to donate toward more free binders, you can use our donations page here, and use the reference ”binder donation”.

Size charts

Please include in your application the size you need for a ‘This is the Back’ binder using the chart below. If we have GC2B binders to send out, we will contact you to ask which size GC2B binder you need, and will send you a link to use their size chart.

Size Chart for ‘this is the back’ binders