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Local, national, and international information resources including 101 resources, whānau, employment, study, relationships, and other useful information.
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Trans 101

Trans 101: Glossary of Trans Words and How to Use Them – Gender Minorities Aotearoa.
Irawhiti Takatāpui: Transgender Rainbow Māori – Gender Minorities Aotearoa (2021).
What is Transphopia? – Gender Minorities Aotearoa (2020).
Takatāpui: Over the Rainbow – Gender Minorities Aotearoa (2018).
Health Pathways 101 – Gender Minorities Aotearoa (2016).
Transgender 101 for NZ Journalists – Gender Minorities Aotearoa (2016).
Trans 101 Crash Course – Ygender and Minus18 (Aus).
Gender Identity 101 – RainbowYOUTH.

Intersex 101

Trans 101: Glossary of Trans Words and How to Use Them – Gender Minorities Aotearoa.
Intersex Youth Aotearoa Video – Intersex Youth Aotearoa.
Intersex 101 – RainbowYOUTH.
The Interface Project – Intersex stories.
Intersex Frequently Asked Questions – INSA (USA).
5 Things I Wish You Knew About Intersex People – Georgiann Davis (USA).
Yellow for Hermaphrodite – Mani’s Story – NZ on Screen.

Parents, Family, whanāu, youth, Children

Trans 101: Glossary of Trans Words and How to Use Them – Gender Minorities Aotearoa.
Autistic Trans People – Gender Minorities Aotearoa (2021).
Active Listening: A Communication Resource – Gender Minorities Aotearoa (2021).
NZ Parents of Transgender Children – NZPOTC Parent-led support.
Help! Is my child Transgender?  – Gender Minorities Aotearoa.
Be There: advice for whanau – Youth Sector Rainbow Collective.
Let’s Talk: A Resource Guide for Parents – OUTline NZ.
Transgender NZ: Hormone Replacement Therapy 101 – Gender Minorities Aotearoa.
Parenting and family – Gender Spectrum (Aus).
He Kākano Ahau | Decolonising Gender & Sexuality In Wellington City – Radio New Zealand.
Takataapui: Part of the Whanau booklet & Trailer – Elizabeth Kerekere.
LGBTQI+ Aotearoa Then & Now – Tairawhiti Production House.
Takataapui: Over the Rainbow – Gender Minorities Aotearoa.
Growing Up Takataapui: Whanau Journeys – Elizabeth Kerekere.
Health Pathways – Gender Minorities Aotearoa.
First Steps – Working it Out (Aus).
Community Law Manual: Family Law – Community Law.

Sex & Relationships

A Good Argument: Fighting Without Fighting – Gender Minorities Aotearoa (2021).
It’s Your Choice: Personal Autonomy in a Relationship – Gender Minorities Aotearoa (2021).
Dating a Trans Person 101: Respect – Gender Minorities Aotearoa (2021).
Active Listening: A Communication Resource – Gender Minorities Aotearoa (2021).
Consent: Sex and Relationships for Trans People – Gender Minorities Aotearoa (2020).
Triggers: Past Trauma Memories and How to Discuss Them – Gender Minorities Aotearoa (2021).
Signs of an Unhealthy Relationship Dynamic – Gender Minorities Aotearoa (2021).
Ending an Abusive Relationship – Gender Minorities Aotearoa (2021).
In Our Own Words Sexual Violence Report – Thursdays In Black, with co-development by Gender Minorities Aotearoa.
You, Me /Us: Healthy Relationships.
Te Whariki Takapou – research.
Community Action Toolkit for addressing intimate partner violence against transgender people (USA).
Guide for Transformative Prevention Programming (USA).
Safety Planning: A guide for transgender and gender non-conforming individuals who are experiencing intimate partner violence (USA).

Employment and Working

Trans and Non-binary Inclusive Workplaces: A Guide for Employers and Employees – OUTline.
Transgender Employees – Employment New Zealand.
Transgender people at work (PDF) Department of Labour.
CTU Out at Work (Link).
Diversity Works NZ (link).

Human Rights Act, Discrimination Law, and Other Legal Odds & Ends

Human Rights Commission Resources.
Young & Trans HRC Trans Workshop.
Community Law Manual: Discrimination.
Human Rights Act (1993).
New Zealand Bill of Rights Act (1990).
Community Law Manual – Community Law.

Study & School

Inclusive Education Guide for Schools – Ministry of Education.
Community Law Manual: Your Rights at School – Community Law.
Transitioning at school – NZ Human Rights Commission.
Supporting trans students – NZ Human Rights Commission.
The Youth19 Rangatahi Smart Survey (Youth19) Report – Fleming, T., Peiris-John, R., Crengle, S., Archer, D., Sutcliffe, K., Lewycka, S., & Clark, T. (2020).
Making Schools Safer for Trans and Gender Diverse Youth – InsideOUT.
Takataapui: Part of the Whanau (Link  to PDF & hard copy).
LGBTQI+ Aotearoa Then & Now Documentary (link to video).
Gender neutral bathroom signs – Gender Minorities Aotearoa (2019).
Inside out visual teaching resource – RainbowYOUTH.
In Our Own Words Sexual Violence in Tertiary Education Report – Thursdays in Black, Union of Student’s Associations (with co-development by Gender Minorities Aotearoa).
Youth ’12: Transgender young people fact sheet (PDF).

Other Research Reports

Where Do You Sleep at Night? Transgender Experiences of Housing Instability and Homelessness – Gender Minorities Aotearoa (2020).
Counting Ourselves National Transgender Health Report Aotearoa NZ – Veale J, Byrne J, Tan K, Guy S, Yee A, Nopera T, & Bentham R (2019).
In Our Own Words 2017 – (NZ sexual violence research) Thursdays in Black, New Zealand Union of Students’ Associations.
U.S. Transgender Survey Report 2015 (PDF).
UNAIDS: GAP Report 2014 (global) (link).
The Inquiry into Discrimination Experienced by Transgender People – NZ Human Rights Commission (Link & PDF).
Kaupapa Maori in research (link).
World report on violence and health World Health Organisation (WHO).
Fundamentals on violence against trans people.

Professional development training

We recommend transgender and intersex led training, in terms of direction, development, and delivery.

See our workshops and seminars page here for transgender workshops and presentations.
Intersex Awareness New Zealand also provides training on intersex issues.

Refugee and Asylum seeker information

Rainbow Path – an LGBTI+ refugee led org in Aotearoa New Zealand.
Asylum Seekers Support Trust – an org supporting asylum seekers and refugees in Aotearoa New Zealand.
Refugees As Survivors in New Zealand – an org supporting refugees and former refugees in Aotearoa New Zealand.
Fleeing Persecution Based on Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity or Gender Expression: Information for Asylum Seekers and Refugees – info for seeking asylum, leaving your country of origin.
Rainbow Railroad – a USA based org that assists trans people with asylum seeking and becoming refugees.


Autistic Trans People – Gender Minorities Aotearoa (2021).
Media Advocacy Guide – Gender Minorities Aotearoa (2016).
Transgender 101 for NZ Journalists – Gender Minorities Aotearoa (2016).
Community Law Manual: Harassment and Bullying – Community Law.
A collection of Rainbow Resources about Mental Health – Miscellaneous.
TMI Tuesdays Trans Q & A (USA).
United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (booklet download).
International Research and Reports – International Trans Fund.

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