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Below are links to health care providers which are supportive of and knowledgable about takataapui, trans, and intersex patients. If you wish to recommend a health care provider, please fill the form below.

To read our magazine Transgender NZ – issue 1. Hormone Replacement Therapy,  please click here.

To see the most current (2018) information we have on which District Health Boards provide which gender affirmative health care services, please see the OIA request results from the 20 DHBs here. It is important to note that these change often.





Note: Informed Consent

In some places, medical professionals  now operate on an ‘Informed Consent’ model for prescribing hormones (HRT). In short, informed consent means that if you are properly informed and you are capable of making your own health choices, you are allowed to do this.

It means that if you see a psychologist, they are simply checking that you are informed and capable, rather than making you ”prove your gender”. NZ is moving toward this.

For more info on Informed Consent, please see our page for health care providers and patients by clicking here