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local Healthcare

  • Find a local trans-friendly doctor, clinic, GP, psychologist, endocrinologist, therapist, or other healthcare provider.
  • Recommend your provider.
  • See what’s available in your area.


  • Information.
  • Referral for GRS.
  • What is available through your DHB.
  • NZ and international surgeons.


  • Find a trans-friendly hair removal clinic in your region.
  • Join GMA’s free IPL club.
  • WINZ support for hair removal.
  • WINZ support for wigs or hairpieces.


  • Exercises
  • Notes
  • Voice therapists


  • What to use and not use.
  • Stretching and breathing exercises.
  • Purchase a binder.
  • Apply for a free binder.

Health Information

  • Primary healthcare resources
  • Professional associations
  • Posters, pamphlets, videos
  • Research and frameworks
  • Hormones, sexual health, mental health
  • Comprehensive information for clinicians and healthcare providers
  • Seminars and workshops

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