Identification & Official Documents

Up to date, step by step information for changing your name and gender/sex marker on your identity documents.

Birth Certificate


Drivers Licence


Tip: If you simply want identification with your chosen name and gender marker, the easiest way is to:

1. Change the name on your birth certificate (by statutory declaration)
2. Use the updated birth certificate to get a passport with your chosen name and gender marker (the gender marker on you passport can be changed by statutory declaration – it does not need to match the gender marker on your birth certificate).

This is because changing the gender marker on a birth certificate is a more complicated process through the Family Court. On your passport, you have three options for the gender marker – F, M, or X (unspecified). You cannot have X as the marker on your birth certificate.

Financial Assistance with IDentification

Refuge and Asylum

If you are seeking asylum, please read here: Fleeing Persecution Based on Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity or Gender Expression: Information for Asylum Seekers and Refugees, and Rainbow Railroad.