National Database

In our national database of transgender, takataapui, and intersex information, resources, and links, you can find:

  • How to change your identity documents
  • Recommended healthcare providers in your area
  • Information about surgeries and surgeons
  • A community support group in your area
  • A recommended laser hair removal clinic
  • Emergency accommodation
  • Resources and information
  • Sensitivity training for service providers
  • Information and resources for yourself, whanau, schools, employers, healthcare providers, etc

How to Change Your Identity Documents

This includes things like putting your chosen name onto your birth certificate, getting your passport with your new legal name and your correct gender marker, changing your NZQA or school records, and more.

Healthcare Providers in Your Area

All healthcare providers on our list have been personally recommended by takataapui, transgender, and intersex people. You can find links to doctors, clinics, endocrinologists, psychologists, and others.

New Zealand and International Surgeons

These are surgeons who perform genital reconstruction surgery, top surgery, or other transition and affirmation related surgeries. All of them have been personally recommended by members of our communities who have had surgeries with the surgeon directly.

Surgery Information

We have a collection of information resources which are designed to help you to be informed about what kinds of surgery exist, and make the best decisions for yourself.

Community Support in Your Area

This is a list of community groups, organisations, online support forums, and other community led initiatives to support individuals, whanau, partners, and others. It also includes crisis support which is recommended by takataapui, transgender, and intersex people.

Laser Hair Removal Clinics

Laser hair removal clinics around the country which have been personally recommended by takataapui, transgender, and intersex people.

Emergency Accommodation and Friendly Hotels

These emergency accommodation providers and hotels either have an explicitly trans-inclusive stance or are recommended by trans people in our communities.

Sensitivity Training for Service Providers

The groups and organisations listed under this heading offer things like consultation, policy development, sensitivity training, or other support to improve the services delivered by providers.

Information and Resources

There are many useful resources listed here, which are available to download, or they may be website, or things you can order for free or buy online. They include booklets, pamphlets, video resources, research, and more.


Please get in touch and give us your recommendations if you are transgender, transsexual, takataapui, intersex, fa’afafine, genderqueer, tangata ira tane, taahine, tangata ira wahine, non-binary, whakawahine, whakatane, fa’atama, leiti, or any other sex or gender minority.

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