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PDF displays

Hi everyone, we’re updating our website at the moment, and our new software has caused some problems with the display of posts and pages that contain embedded PDFs.

These pages probably look normal on a phone screen, as they’re usually just displayed as a download link on phones. However, on a computer or tablet, the PDF viewer may cut the bottom off the page.

We apologise for the inconvenience, and we’re working on it.

Healthcare database

Our healthcare database is also being overhauled, as we switch from a ‘patient recommendation’ model to one where providers register. At the moment there are only a few healthcare providers on it and it looks a bit messy.

We’ve contacted the hundreds of providers we had on the old system, and hope to see them all registered soon. The front end (what you see when you look on the web page) should also be looking good again soon.

Again we apologise for the inconvenience, and hopefully very soon it will be fully functional and better than ever.

Thank you for your patience, and feel free to email us in the meantime if you need healthcare recommendations.

– The GMA team.