We’re currently overhauling our gender-affirming healthcare provider database, so please bear with us as work on it!

We’re changing from a system where patients recommend their providers, to one where providers register themselves. This means we can ask which services they provide, what kind of transgender competency training they have had, and other things which will help patients to make an informed choice.

As we develop the new system, it might look a bit untidy, but all of the information you see will be up to date. The only providers you will see are those who have registered with our new system – that means the database is about ten times smaller. But rest assured, we are contacting everyone who was on the old database and asking them to register, and we’re confident that it will be better than ever going forward.

If you are a healthcare provider, please register your practice here.

If you are a patient, you can still recommend your provider here, and we will contact them to ask them to register.

You can check at the new database here.

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