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We are carrying out an assessment of sexual violence and family violence support across the country, to see how ready the services are to help transgender and intersex people. Please help us complete this important piece of work by filling out our survey.

If you are transgender or intersex, and have ever wanted to get support, tried to get support, or received services from any organisation in relation to sexual violence, partner violence, or family violence, this survey is for you.

The Anti-Violence Resource Centre, or ARC, is a collaborative project between Intersex Aotearoa and Gender Minorities Aotearoa.

The questions are about what kind of support is available and what kind of support you want, not about the violence that you have experienced. However, we understand that the survey may lead you to think about traumatic or distressing experiences. If you feel distressed or need trauma support while answering this survey, there are contact details for support agencies on the TOAH-NNEST website below, or you can call Safe to Talk at 0800 044 334.

If you’re intersex and you would prefer to take an intersex-specific version of the sexual and family violence survey, you can take the Intersex Aotearoa survey below.

If you’d like to find out more about healthier relationships, safer sex, or supportive families, check out our resources below.