After several years of campaigning to pass the BDMRR, we’re finally here. The Bill has passed unanimously, which will allow a simple statutory declaration process for updating the sex marker on a birth certificate.

The Bill has many different elements, some of which we are very happy with the results of and some which will require further advocacy to bring up to standard. For example, people with overseas birth certificates will need a similar but separate process to allow for legal gender recognition in Aotearoa, as the BDMRR did not cover this.

But for those with a NZ birth certificate, we will no longer be expected to provide “medical evidence” that we are transgender. This is a huge moment for transgender rights, and the ripples will be felt across the ocean as trans people in other countries struggle to have the same human right to legal recognition.

We just want to say a huge thank you to all the trans people, and all the allies, who helped to make this a reality. Every conversation you had, every letter or complaint or submission you made, every time you reached out to friend or a family member or a service provider or or an MP. All of those things made a difference, and when the people were unified enough, they brought about change. This is how we become people who deserve humanity in the eyes of the law.

So thank you, all of you, we did this together.