We believe in equal access for all transgender people, and work hard to make everything we do as accessible as we can with the resources we have.

We’ve redesigned our website to improve accessibility

  • We did a lot of testing.
  • We carried out a complete website redesign.
  • We’ve updated header structures on our 48 pages and 220 posts, so that accessibility devices can tell what’s important on a page and what order to read things in.
  • We installed and adjusted a super accessibility-friendly main menu.
  • We’ve done heaps of titles and alt-text tagging on images, so a screen reader can tell a website user what the picture is for or what’s happening in the picture.
  • We’ve gone through and adjusted the contrast in areas where things were harder to see for people with low sight.
  • We’ve made many different elements work well for keyboard-only navigation.
  • We’ve changed the layout of most pages, so they won’t get messed up if the text size is increased by 200%.
  • We’ve removed our language translation widget and replaced it with a function which automatically detects the language your browser is using.
  • We’ve added a new accessibility menu.

What the accessibility menu allows website users to do

  • Easily switch to keyboard navigation rather than using a mouse.
  • Resize text.
  • Change to a dyslexia-friendly font.
  • Change the colour of the background and text.
  • Highlight all links on a page.
  • Invert the colours on a page.
  • Save the chosen settings for our website.
  • Clear those settings.

Further accessibility

Our website does still need some work – it’s quite complex as far as rainbow organisation websites go. It contains a lot of information and different data structures, over 200 documents, and over 2,000 images. We also built it ourselves, and do all our own maintenance, so it does take time to learn how to fix something before fixing it. However, we’ll keep chipping away at it, and we won’t make the same accessibility mistakes in the future!

Our website landing page.
Accessibility menu open.
Our website landing page.
Accessibility menu open, links highlighted, font changed, font size increased, and colour adjusted to black.
Our website landing page.
Accessibility menu open, links highlighted, font changed, font size further increased, and colours adjusted to high contrast green.