Most of our transgender support services will continue as normal during Covid-19 Alert Level 4, but there will be a few changes.

For information on managing your Covid bubble, decontamination protocol, healthcare, wage subsidies, WINZ payments, sex work income, housing, and more, please see our “Trans Folks in Lockdown” resource/

Our in person services will be closed during Level 4 Alert – this includes:

Community drop in.
Free transgender facial hair IPL clinic.
Transgender Justice of the Peace.
Social events.
Transgender Op Shop and volunteering.
Face to face training for service providers.

We will continue to provide all other services, including:

1:1 Peer support with a professional advocate by email or phone (020 404 92568).
Online peer-to-peer support group.
Online healthcare database and referral system.
Rainbow Housing NZ online group.
Free legal advice.
Healthcare navigation support.
Online courses.

You can also access all of our online information such as our guides on updating your identity documents, our healthy relationships and safer sex guides, our information for parents and families, our health information, and everything else on our website. See our information and service page.