Yes to BDMRR: add your voice

This weekend posters to support the BDMRR started going up in towns across Aotearoa. We’d like to say a huge thank you to Phantom Billstickers for their support – your team is amazing.

Check out the posters below, or find them in your town!

Join the Community statement

GMA is going to put together a community statement to share on our blog and send to parliament – this will be a collection of photos of people next to these posters, with a short quote from each person. To join the statement, send us a selfie with a poster, and a sentence or two on why you think the BDMRR Bill should pass. If you’re not in a town with posters, you can still send us your quote – just make sure you tell us it’s for the community statement.

All trans folks and allies are welcome to join. Feel free to tell us something about yourself which you’d like to share as well if you want to – like your name and the town you live in.

Email your photos and quotes to




Palmerston North