GMA raises funds by selling trans-positive merchandise. We use art which we have commissioned from local trans artists and is only available from GMA. We also use art which has been created and donated to us and may be available elsewhere (as the artist own the original image and just gives us a copy, which then belongs to us).

Donating your art to GMA is a really great way to help us raise funds, and also helps to spread trans-positive messages!

An image can then be customized by us and used on many different types of item, like in the example below. The items we sell range from low cost stickers to higher cost clothing and household items. Whether a person buys a $1 sticker, or $800 worth of home ware, we receive a fixed percentage of the money raised, and the rest goes into manufacturing and printing, etc. It’s a really great way for GMA to raise funds without taking a lot of time away from the work we do, as the ordering, manufacturing, and shipping is organised by the sales platform we use.

If you would like to donate your art to GMA, simply write us an email confirming that the image belongs to you and isn’t infringing on anyone else’s copyright, and that you are giving us a copy to own and use as we please. Attach your art image/s to the email, and send it to us at the email address listed here. Done! We will reply to say thanks and let you know we received your art. Thank you in advance!! x GMA team.