Binder Applications Paused

Our national free binder programme is still up and running, but applications are now closed until we have cleared the waiting list.

Our budget for binders is $3,600 – or 120 binders a year, but in the last year we have received over 365 applications – more than one each day.

This reinforces the need for access to puberty blockers and top surgeries, as well as publicly funded binders.

We are working hard to secure funds so we can clear the waiting list as soon as possible – we don’t want anyone waiting 3 years! For the future, we anticipate opening applications once a year during Trans Awareness Week in November, until we reach 120 applications, so we can get them out to folks right away in time for the summer holidays.

Our goal is to make puberty blockers and top surgeries, as well as binders, accessible through the public health system. You have a right to appropriate healthcare, and that includes medical devices such as binders. The government needs to make sure that the public health system provides these. We recommend talking to your local MP about better funding for trans health, and asking your GP to request that the local District Health Board (DHB) provides these medical devices.