How do you talk about variations in sex characteristics? How do you talk about the topic of intersex?

Most intersex variations / variations in sex characteristics are invisible, but at least 1.7% of people are born with variations that become apparent during childhood or youth. It is likely that everyone knows someone who has a variation, yet this topic is rarely talked about.

Someone to talk to / Tīmataia te kōrero is a project that seeks to address the silence around intersex / variations in sex characteristics. This project works beyond silence, focusing on talking, sharing and demystifying a commonly misunderstood topic.

Follow this link to take part in a survey designed in collaboration between the Intersex Trust of Aotearoa / New Zealand, Gender Minorities Aotearoa, and researchers at the University of Waikato.

The survey is for people who are intersex or have a variation in sex characteristics, and their friends, relatives, and significant others. It will take 10 – 15 minutes to complete. You will find more information by following the survey link.

Professor Katrina Roen
Eli Oliver (Research assistant)