Laser Hair Removal Funding

Any transfeminine or intersex person can get funding for facial hair removal through WINZ  if they meet these requirements – they don’t have to be on welfare to get the disability allowance or child disability allowance.

They need a medical certificate or letter from their doctor which says that they need facial hair removal as ”essential medical treatment” – it doesn’t need to say they are trans. They may need to specify a condition, which can be ”hersuitism’‘ – which is a medical diagnosis of excessive facial or body hair growth in women. They may also need a second doctor or specialist to verify that diagnosis.

They will then need to obtain quotes from a hair removal clinics for IPL, Laser, or electrolysis. It will help to have a number of sessions specified, and a reassessment date. For example, laser treatment might be one session per month for 10 months, or electrolysis may be a session per fortnight for 2 years. This will depend on the individual.

They will have to take all of these things to a WINZ appointment, and be ready to patiently argue that they are in fact entitled to funding, as most WINZ staff don’t know this and will try to turn them away, very likely asking invasive questions and generally invalidating the legitimacy of the need. However, transfeminine and intersex people are entitled to disability allowance funding toward facial hair removal, and their gender is not up for discussion.

If you would like support with transition issues, information on accessing funding through WINZ, etc, you’re welcome to contact us or come by during drop in hours at The Gender Centre (see footer for current hours). We have peer support workers who can discuss these kinds of issues with you.

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