Being Trans and Protesting

”Many trans people are passionate about equality, which can lead them to join community groups, unions, or protests. This pamphlet gives legal information for trans people interacting with Police and the criminal justice system when protesting”.

Some years ago we worked with a local anti-war protest group called Peace Action Wellington, to help them clarify the legal rights of transgender protesters interacting with Police. We addressed common questions for trans people, such as ”Do I have to give my legal name to Police, if it’s my deadname?” and ”If I’m strip searched, what gender will the Police officer be?”.

We decided that they could use the collaborative material and add their own flavor and  advice for protesters, and we have since developed our advice for ”Being Trans and Protesting” too.

You can download Being Trans and Protesting as a screenreader-friendly PDF here, or click the images below for a .png version.


Quotes from Being Trans and Protesting

Quotes from Being Trans and Protesting 1.(1).png

”If Police are unsure of your gender or are aware that you are trans or intersex, they may ask questions about your genitals. However, you do not have to disclose this information.

”You have a right to ask for an officer of your gender to search you. Your options however are generally limited to cisgender Police officers, male or female.

”Be prepared to insist and to stand your ground. Police are NOT allowed to get a male officer to search a woman against her will – trans or not.