Help Pass the BDMRR Bill for Birth Certificate Changes

BDMRR Bill Advocacy

[text: Let’s work together to pass the BDMRR Bill

There are several stages that a Bill passes before becoming an Act of Parliament (part of the law). These stages are: Introduction, First reading, Select committee, Second reading, Committee of the whole House, Third reading, Royal assent (the Bill becomes an Act). See the attached chart and link below.

How a Bill becomes an Act
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The BDMRRA is due for it’s 2nd reading very soon – the exact date is unknown. At this stage, the public have an opportunity to debate the issues and tell MPs what they think.

Please contact your local MPs and talk with them, tell them what you think, give them your personal stories. This is part of the process. We know that people who are against transgender and intersex human rights will be doing the same, so we need to give our side. We need the MPs to feel for us, not just as statistics but as real people.

MPs in your area, and how to contact them
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This is what we are calling for, in a nutshell
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Kia kaha, kia waimarie, we can do it.]



[image: flow chart of how a Bill becomes a law. For detailed description of the process, Click here]