Kia ora whanau, please take time this weekend to fill in the Counting Ourselves survey that we helped to develop, so we have large scale national data on takataapui, trans, and intersex people’s health.
Click this link to find out more and fill in the survey, which takes about 30 minutes to an hour if you’re a slow reader and typer like we are (totally worth it to have proper data).
This survey is for all takataapui, taahine, MVPFAFF, LGBTQI+, and others who aren’t totally hetero and/or who have gender stuff going on. It closes in September, so please make the time to fill it in soon.
The other current survey which we were part of developing is the Honour Project Aotearoa. This survey is specifically for Maori people who are takataapui, taahine, LGBTQI+ or not totally straight and/or have gender stuff happening. It closes August 31st, so make time for this one soon too. You can find out more about Honour Project Aotearoa and fill the survey here